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November Blog

As I sit down on the lakeside, I allow myself to reach a state of comfort. I feel the warmth of the sun radiating through my whole body; I can hear the kids playing in the background and the birds singing. I have begun to realise that I enjoy writing; it makes my heart sing. I have found a missing aspect of myself. In this whole process, I have found a way to connect to my soul, which has given me greater knowledge of what I want to see change. I have tapped into a new way of living that has guided me through these changes. I have unlocked a piece of my life journey that I really didn’t acknowledge before. This has automatically built a strong foundation in my reality that has steered me back home and allowed me to find my true origin. That’s where the power sits.

In celebration of the book being out for nearly a year from November, we are having a 25%-off sale.


The way the story is written, it has two parts. It talks about experiences in a way where you can get yourself caught up on all different types of frequency. By experiencing these frequencies (like we all do), in time, we will learn how to identify which level we are vibrating from. This is how we can become aware and control what vibration we want to surface in during our life span. By understanding this technique, you are staying conscious and accountable for your overall health and wellness. Our shadow side is the one that shows us to be accountable. It teachers us how to understand the reasoning of its existence; not to hate our self , but to help us grow so we can continue to sustain our energy in a higher frequency, which we were all born to do.


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