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October 2022

Compass of the heart ❤️

May the radiance of the sunshine bring forth illuminating transformation that allows us to clean the distortion that lies on the surface of our surroundings.

Allow the rain to wash away the destruction of the density that’s in the air. Allow the potential power of the full moon to work alongside us so we can continue releasing what no longer serves us. Allow the wisdom of the new moon to bring back balance and harmony for the new beginning that we bring forth. Allow nature to bring forth the properties that have been longing for us all to connect with them, to see, to feel, and to listen to the tune of their unique sound of pure serenity.

Then we can forgive; we can forgive all the destruction, distortion, and delusion that has been entangled all through our reality. We realise we continue with our growth, we understand the reasoning behind the hidden aspects of our reality, and we take responsibility for our own healing so we can allow the process to run through us but not become us. We realised that in order to change, we need to do the work first and forgive ourselves. We realise our world is not as it seems. We bring our own unique template into our existence so we can start to manifest in the right way, the way we have always held deeply within our heart’s chamber but that we didn’t realise could be so profound.

We have had these fundamental tools in our existence, but the complexity of our lives has deterred us all away from such inner skills. We have always been a vessel of our own reality but lost our way when we forgot how to clear our own path… It’s time we started to search deeper within and find new ways of being and new ways of inclusive discovery.

The key to unlocking freedom is our choice to listen deeply to our inner voice...

Love and light

Lisa xx

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