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Heartbeat rhythms, beating before me. They’re showing me the complexity of

how the heart operates. Their very presence represents a breakdown of coping

mechanisms that I haven’t seen before until now: the heart walls slowing

dissolving in front of my eyes and remembering how to utilise the inner heart

chamber in an unconditional way. This means allowing yourself to get to a

place where you are present unconditionally, no matter the outcome.

It’s teaching you how to stand in your own vibration and trust your inner

knowledge of what is yours to own and what you are picking up in others that

needs to be dismissed. It’s about trusting the process. By continuing, its

presence will allow you to see through the obstacles that lay before the seeing

eye and show new ways of understanding how we can navigate this newfound

ability in our own hearts for the future.

The rhythm is beating in sync with the universe, revealing cracks of light on the

heart’s walls bringing through light in all our heart chambers. We all feel this at

some level; some will continue to follow that rhythm, others will take time and

explore when they’re ready, and some will move in and out of that rhythm. 

But most importantly, that rhythm is not going anywhere…

Lisa x

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