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September 2022

The soul knows what to do at every given moment. I think our old condition leads us

to believe that we as human beings don’t have the ability to know what’s right for

ourselves, so we look for answers externally instead of developing ways to

strengthen our own competence and trust in our own abilities to determine what is

right for ourself. It’s almost like we doubt our soul; we doubt the attention it brings

and its capacity for problem-solving. This is how we have lived for centuries, so

when there’s an opportunity for us to release distortions, past pain, and old versions

of ourselves, it can be quite confronting for us to change these important aspects of


When we do the work on ourselves, we become conscious and aware of old patterns

occurring. This allows changes to transpire and for us to be conscious and aware of

the new frequency to integrate and see more of the clear path ahead. These energy

patterns can affect us if not tuned in to their frequency.

During this time, always trust in the process and continue to follow the lead of your

heart centre. This is done by tuning in all your senses and being present, aware and

mindful of the way you are feeling. This puts you in a position to move forward with a

sense of compassion towards the people you interact with along the way, which is so

important to hold in your heart centre.

This has an empowering reaction with your physical presence, but most importantly,

you hold that power, and no one else can take that power away from you. When you

can just take a moment to acknowledge the growth that has occurred, you

immediately impact your awareness and perspective. This allows you to see and feel

your presence in a different light, so you can rise above what is being presented with

a new, improved way of being.  

The saying “you are what you think” is on-point right now. 

Love and Light.

Lisa XX

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