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Each day you can be thrown out of your Vibration.

This happens as you go about your everyday business. The Power Of Standing in your own vibration reveals how to remain in your Vibration, the way you portray yourself to the world. Lisa Pavlic shows how your sense of self-worth determines how you connect with your higher self. Reading this book you’ll recognise opportunities to grow- but not just in theoretical way. Lisa writes from experience. Lisa will give you insight that will improve the way you think about yourself. It’s how to stand tall in your own vibration of worthiness.

Lisa has been on her spiritual development journey for the past 16 years. Working on self-reflection and energy healing which has gained her a greater Insight on how to utilise every experience as a lesson. During her journey She has learnt to love all aspects of herself which includes our shadow side that we hide away. Once you acknowledge the shadow side it can’t take a hold of you, it simply allows you to embrace the your whole self.

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