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From Little Things Big Things Grow

As I sit here and ponder, I am starting to realise that I’m in the eye of the storm and what I do next will determine my way forward. I needed to get to this stage to be able to see through the surface of my own reality. So many lessons, so many obvious directions; but just because they are so profound, it still doesn’t mean any of them are the direction I need to take. What this means is that they’re a stepping-stone, but there is still a process that needs to occur that will point me in the right direction of trusting my inner knowing. Once you start to gain that trust, that’s when you will see more opportunities come your way, and every occurrence that is presented is a lesson. It will take you down a path of releasing and rebuilding; I have that close relationship with my soul. We know we are in a period with uncertain times ahead, and if we resist change, this is where we lose our power. When you can take the time to retreat into your own presence, you start to see what lies ahead. You are the only one who can make a difference in how you move forward. Respect: Respect yourself and the process you are experiencing. Respect others and realise they too are on their own journey. Love: Give love to yourself and everyone you come into contact with. Integrity: Be honest with yourself and those around you with neutral intention but still hold your own morals and principles. Respect, love, integrity: these three words say it all. That’s where I am sitting at the moment, and that’s what I’m bringing into the new year ahead of me.

2021 is the start of something new; it’s an opportunity to start leading from the heart, and that’s where the power lies. I have begun to realise that I’m learning as I go. I’m not resisting anymore; I trust the universe and what it brings forward. It’s those moments when you release old patterns; you come to a place where you make more room for the light to integrate through every layer of your mind, body and spirit. At this present time, that’s where we all need to be surfacing. So when the opportunity appears in front of your eyes, remember that you are just shedding old patterns to make more room to bring the light in, and there will always be guides to help you along your journey if you take the time. What I have learnt is that our biggest fears are our greatest gift. If we can Integrate them through the heart passage, then we will transfer the fear, and understanding its presence will lead you through finding deeper meaning and purpose. Once you know the reasoning of fear, it no longer holds you back. In order to view ourselves clearly, we need to be looking at ourselves in a different light. We need to allow the process of shedding the reality of the old systems so we can bring forward the new with our vision of changes for our Earth in years to come. The right direction to take will be the one that makes you feel the drive and your ambitions burning within. You must not get side-tracked by a diversion and caught up in others, but simply do the work within. Once you can accomplish that, then the changes will become more heartfelt and enjoyable, and the serenity that you feel within will reflect outward. Sounds easy right? But it isn’t. The challenges will be obvious when you are side-tracked into old habits that feel familiar…familiar patterns are usually the ones that stop you from evolving into significant change. This all starts within, then the changes will appear very naturally. Learn to trust and enjoy the process; that’s where the power sits.


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