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New shift, new direction. I see. I see old habits disappearing. I see new pathways emerging. I see purity in my surroundings. I see again the power that unites within. I feel. I feel the sun radiating through my body. I feel the warmth of the air on my skin. I feel the moonlight energising my spirit. I breathe. I breathe with the intention of observing. I rejoice in the goodness of the clean air radiating internally through my body. I rise. I rise with the animal kingdom. I rise with nature surrounding me. I rise with the planetary shifts. I rise with the intention of living my life to my true origin, to see, feel, and breathe in what the environment is presenting with a higher perspective – this is where I rise. The inner strength comes from a new kind of discernment. It tells me to trust my inner knowledge. I see the brightness of wisdom radiating transformational powers with contentment, joy, happiness and diversity. It tells me to see past the initial façade that has been displayed; it has allowed me to surface in a balanced, harmonious way. I choose to see, feel and breathe with the changes, as this guides me through limitations and old patterns so I can sustain the power that lies within. I am ready to rise with the transformation. So, when the opportunity comes knocking on your door, see past the illusion the phantom brings before a dense path of indignation or exasperation towards others seizes the moment, and come back to your soul – it’s a much better place to be.


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