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Today will be filled with happiness and fulfilment on our family adventure. We will see the potential of our surroundings and experience the joy of being truly present in our own company. We will explore the scenery and see what nature has to offer. We will do this rather than rushing through life, not taking notice of the true blessing that has fallen on our doorstep.

At least, that’s what I set out to do one day while on a family holiday, but I still wasn’t present in the moment; why? I'm currently in my 9th Universal year—my 9th year of actively pursuing my true purpose and standing in my own vibration—and I know I need to set the foundations for the next 9 years.

What do I need to unravel about myself for the years ahead? Is moving house a possibility? Or maybe a new job? For me right now, it’s none of these things. It took me a few weeks to understand the feelings of uncertainty I was having about where my life is heading. I was so busy rushing, trying to figure it out and have a plan in place for the future that I didn’t even see the direction the universe was subtly nudging me towards. The more intense the signs became, the more I regressed into my old ways.

I was on holiday, in a beautiful tropical destination, and it felt so good; it was what my soul was longing for. I had convinced myself that a move was on the cards for our family and that when we got home from this wonderful trip away, I would start to get to work on making this move a reality. But things weren't flowing smoothly, and my energy levels were starting to drop very quickly; it was then I knew that this move was just a diversion from what the universe was really showing me. This family holiday, which I was hoping would filter out most of my problems, wasn't so straightforward. Still, it was a chance for us all to come together as a family unit; it was a chance to build our family up as a whole. This opportunity was presented to us so we could reconnect with each other. I now realise that we needed this holiday for healing purposes: for renewal and to rejoice.

When you’re at a crossroads in your life journey and you don’t know which direction to take, packing up, leaving and starting a new life seems like the right thing to do. But this is not always the direction you should take. For me, I think moving would only cause me to lose more of my identity. I have all the tools I need at my home, and I can do it all if I have the right mindset. To be able to move forward in my life, I need to learn to love my home environment and start enjoying the things I find challenging.

I have finally let my guard down and am becoming someone that I truly want to be. But just because I recognised what I needed to do, doesn’t mean I can stop doing work on myself. What it means is I now have a direction to make my foundations stronger and more authentic for where my soul is emerging to. So, changing what I have built over the last 37 years of my life and becoming someone else is not the answer. To do this, I had to go against my first instinct and usual pattern: to go full steam ahead. Sometimes, moving too quickly can do more harm than good. I need to approach the next stage of my life path slowly so I can keep my energy flow balanced and enjoy every transition as it approaches; patience is the key.

The morning after this realisation, I started the day off with my usual rituals and envisioned the year ahead. I went for a walk in the bush and I became aware of the life nature has to offer, and my energy flow was strong and grounded. I was then ready to start the day off properly. Once I returned home, I realised I hadn’t really felt this depth of life potential in a very long time.

I lay on my bed, wondering to myself why this is so hard to sustain, why I’m not receiving this high vibration all the time. It’s like I take two steps forward and two steps back. It’s the journey that brings us to our own experience—I say “own” because the journey always presents us with individual opportunities.

For the next few weeks, my energy levels were up, but I still felt something was missing. So one day, I approached my morning rituals differently: I went right back to basics and reflected on the gratitude I felt for being me. Then it hit me, and I realised that I had missed an important message: you can’t run before you can walk. It was a lightbulb moment; it’s amazing how something so very basic can change your outlook so significantly. I thanked my Angel guides for this newfound message and waited. During the weeks ahead, I found that new doors were opening and new directions were emerging. I found myself joining a new spiritual group, and new friendships were beginning. I realised that I had been too hard on myself and my expectations had been too high, and this was stopping me from growing.

Even though my intentions were good, I still had work to do on the inside. Once I understood that missing piece of the puzzle, things started to flow through very quickly, and it realigned me back on track. Yes, this simple message taught me to realise that our biggest limitations in life are the ones we place on ourselves.

This is just the start of the journey that lies ahead........

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Amazing insight Lovely. Your words really spoke to me and have given me much food for thought. Thank you 😘xxxx

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