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As days turn into weeks, the pace of life kept on escalating. My overall life continued to be a juggling act. Then, all the sudden, everything stopped – COVID19. For me, it actually felt like such a release – I could breathe again. The pressure leading up to that point felt like my head was going to explode. I began to go right back to basics; it was what my soul was longing for. I took the opportunity to relax in my own presence with no distractions, just honouring the purity of my surroundings. Settling into this way of life was what I needed the most.

It was a chance to reconnect as a family and really get to know each other on a deeper level. We had so many changes being display around us, and I was ready to embrace them. I began to open up more to the direction I needed to take; this was the start of something that would keep me striving for what really matters most in the world around us. For me, that was changing old patterns that didn’t have meaning in my life anymore. I have acknowledged the growth that had taken place, and I was ready to take this opportunity with my arms wide open.

This significant shift in my outlook was leading me along a path of meaning and fulfilment. It made me realised that the way I have lived, with the same routine day-in and day-out, had taught me that there were still significant changes that needed to happen for me to continue on this journey ahead. If this opportunity hadn’t been presented to me, then the necessary changes couldn’t have happened as quickly as they have.

I started to focus on what I’m for, not what I’m against, and I realised very quickly that my strength and power is greater because of that. I made a conscious effort to strive in that direction most of the time because I knew that the moment I didn’t, it would impact me on so many levels. I also need to be accountable all the time, not just when I’m feeling good or when the circumstances are favourable – it needs to be all the time. I need to be committed so I don’t wander back into old habits without even realising it.

There were times where these new habits were slowly disappearing and old ones were re-emerging. These old habits were small, but they had a profound impact on me as a person, which showed that my awareness was growing. Being in the now will bring me closer to the serenity I’m longing for. It’s times like these that you see past the surface of your reality. It’s those telltale signs that you hadn’t noticed before.

What I realised on a soul level was that I needed to heal. Not just on a physical or emotional level – it was deeper than that – it was on all multidimensional levels. It was my overall belief system

that had been shown over and over again. I now hold the reins of the way forward, w

hich I’m not taking for granted. I began to reflect on how this was holding me back; I discovered that I am still limited by my own beliefs. It wasn’t unit I reflected back on the past where these beliefs were occurring that I saw it was the start of something new.

It wasn’t until I was confronted by different forms of this that I realised not every circumstance has the power to influence you in any way, even if they have an army around you. You and you alone have the power in any situation. The content, strength and power behind every decision I make have an overwhelming impact on my reality.

As the colder months start to set in, the days become shorter and the cold air becomes crisp. It’s those authentic moments that I have taken for granted. I have acknowledged this experience has changed me in a way I haven’t seen before. The growth over these past years has been the greatest gift I could have ever imagined. It’s taught me that at any given moment, you have a choice of how you receive and move forward. When an opportunity arises in front of our eyes, there is always a way to move forward with a greater knowledge of what is waiting to happen.

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