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The sound from the singing bowls can actually change your brain waves to types of waves that make you feel relaxed. The sound waves from the bowl act on the energy field of your body and cause you to relax.

As explained by Science Made Simple UK, the friction created either by rubbing or striking a singing bowl creates vibrations. These vibrations create the sound we hear and can feel when holding the singing bowl. As you continue to rub the rim of the bowl, the friction keeps the sound going. This is called resonance.

Simply hold the bowl in the palm of your non-dominant hand, and the mallet in your dominant hand. Hold the mallet like a baton and lightly strike the bowl with the padded side of the mallet on the bowl’s mid-exterior wall. Striking the bowl will produce a pleasant, rich tone.

includes; Singing Bowl, mallet, hessian bag, cushion & instructions size 8cm

Singing Bowl

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