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Comes with a Silver chain.

Shungite is a natural mineral with an unusual composition and structure used for centuries due to its many benefits. It can boost your energy, heal, relieve stress, detoxify and purify your body and mind, protect you from harmful EMFs, and increase physical and mental balance. Shungite is an ancient rock formation about 2 billion years old and can only be found in one place on Earth - the Russian region of Karelia, near the small settlement called Shun'ga, on the shores of Lake Onega. The locals have known about its mysterious "great powers" for centuries and have used it to heal diseases and purify water. Shungite has a natural antioxidant that can improve immune system function. It actively interacts with various electromagnetic fields, including anthropogenic high-frequency, solar, geo-pathogenic, and biofields, neutralising their negative impact. Remember these important facts to understand Shungite better and use them to its full advantage.

Shungnite Sterling Silver Teardrop Pendant

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