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  • Rainbow Fluorite Dragon

    The dragon has always been a powerful symbol in Chinese culture, representing strength, good luck, and authority. The dragon is associated with control over natural elements like typhoons, water, rainfall, and floods. Emperors were believed to be descendants of dragons, making the dragon a symbol of mastery and authority. In spiritual terms, the dragon encourages the embrace of personal power, the pursuit of deeper spiritual truths, and facing life with courage.

    Rainbow Fluorite is used as a meditation stone to energise the body and enhance concentration. It promotes mental clarity, intuition, and psychic development, making it excellent for learning, decision-making, and impartial reasoning. Fluorite neutralises negative vibrations, cleanses the aura, and protects against psychic attack. It provides stability, peace, and calm, and is effective against computer and electromagnetic stress.

    Rainbow Fluorite Dragon- Weight 612g

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