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Blue Kyanite is a crystal that vibrates at a high frequency and helps to remove blockages by purifying all the chakras. It creates a balance between the yin and yang energies, which leads to a state of calm, tranquillity, and relaxation. Blue Kyanite is an ideal stone for meditation and dreaming as it opens up channels and allows for easy communication with the spirit world. It also inspires loyalty and fair treatment towards others, while helping to resolve disagreements and conflicts and repair damaged relationships. In situations where there are opposing viewpoints or conflicting energies, Kyanite can be very helpful, It promotes good communication and can bridge the gap between different beliefs and ideas, encouraging self-expression and speaking one's truth. For those who work in professions that require communication skills, holding or wearing Kyanite can help sharpen those skills, especially when speaking in front of a group or answering questions. It can also be useful in negotiations, diplomatic missions, arbitration, and other forms of communication where there is disharmony, allowing different energies to find a common frequency and move into resonance.

Elegant sterling silver- Kyanite

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