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The Year Ahead

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The power that sits with in you will see you through the next year ahead. we are about to see things we have not seen before you will see the concept of structure dissolve in front of our eyes. There will be earth movements surrounding us so we can focus our energy on the bigger picture that has been shown all along.

There will be a time where we will see what is serving our soul and what does not. We will come together as a community and focus on what really matters not what has been portrayed. We will discover new ways of living and see the value in this form. It is going to be a ride that is for sure.

I am coming in to 2022 with my intent,

This intent will be what is most important to me in this lifetime who I spend my time with and where I dispel my energy. This for me will be so important in my navigation.

What I once knew no longer serves me. I am so intrigued with new ways of leaning new pathways of searching within. The old Systems no longer serve me or the future. It is built on seeking help externally where the responsibility is placed on another, it simply allows you to give your power up over and over again. When in reality we have never been shown how to really take that responsibility in our own hands. so, the chances of making time for your self is too hard to sustain with the System we have been exposed to. These encounters that have been displayed can no longer be unseen.

My beliefs and values have allowed my authenticity to shine though over the course of 2021.

I have learnt that I am no longer the person I was before, I have grown I have evolved, and I am standing in my power which I am so proud of, who I am and what I am becoming. The power lies within it always has the question is are you willing to search deeper to find it.


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