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I Have Woken

The life I remember is not the life I experienced in my many previous lifetimes. I love my Goddess lineage, but the skies were not blue and the fields were not green; I remember asking why my heart felt so bad! Generations of being accustomed to our gifts, where we didn’t get a chance to build on our strength, where our powers would not be anchored, so we couldn’t navigate our earth environment. Generations of greed, control and manipulation have been normalised – a generation where ‘one size fits all’. If you don’t fit in, you are slapped with a label and have to get accustomed to that box! A generation where it is so hard to be yourself and trust in your own ability because we are taught that if we don’t fit in that one-size box, we are less worthy, stunting our natural growth. A generation where children as young as 5 are depressed and have nothing to live for anymore because they don’t know who they are. We live in a generation where we have forgotten how to surface from the heart centre. The head and heart need to be in sync and complement each other, not overpower one another. We live in a generation where we still study war; we are so accustomed to surfacing in a fear-based reality where unless we choose not to engage, we are quick to turn on each other. We have forgotten how to hold our integrity, and we are jumping on this fast freight train, bulldozing anyone who gets in our way.

Wow… and this is the 21st century we live in... we have forgotten who we are and why we have come to experience our earth environment!! I remember who I am and where I’ve been... I remember the reasoning behind being here on earth – my purpose is to experience life for the greater good of all. I remember practising sacred spiritual ceremonies that would give me opportunities to seek guidance. These allowed me to stand tall in my vibration and in a balanced, harmonious way as they attracted the energy of the universal law of attraction. The simple way of expressing it would be ‘food for your soul’. I remember connecting to Gaia (Mother Earth), the animal kingdom and elemental spirit, and aligned my energy to the moon cycle so I could continue a strong connection to my higher self, seek fulfilment and be of service to the land. I remember how important this was to humanity. This purpose was vital: to seek guidance from the ancestors of our lineage and work collaboratively with each other to form a united union available to all. Yet all we have done is turn our back on our ancestors, Mother Earth and the animal kingdom and focus too heavily on science and education in one form or another. This has made us too mind heavy and caused an imbalance in our overall functioning system, which has made it hard to sustain our identity, self-heal our Immune system, and quiet the mind. It’s now time to start remembering who we are and where we’re from so we can realign our mind, body and soul to find ourselves again and surface in unconditional divine love, which we are all striving for. Open your eyes to different alternatives and seek guidance from Mother Gaia to start restoring the damage that has occurred. It’s now time to fearlessly question what has been, honour what continues to hold value for you and dismiss what no longer serves you. Love and light, Lisa Pavlic x

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