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End of a Cycle ✨

June 8, 2024

✨End of a Cycle✨


As I journey through life, I'm beginning to see a clear path unfolding before me. It's revealing the hidden aspects of my old conditioning and thought patterns that I've grown used to. It presents different scenarios in all areas of my life. I now realise that the most significant choice we can make is how we reflect our inner and outer worlds, which ultimately shape our reality.


My biggest realisation was that I'm no longer giving my life energy to old storylines. I had become so accustomed to this safe, familiar place that it kept me stuck and disconnected from myself. But now, I've leapt to reclaim my life. I no longer believe there is a more substantial power than the one we hold dear. However, this realisation doesn't come easily. It takes discipline and dedication to dig deep and stand on unfamiliar ground. Where you have no one to rely on and no one to soften the unpleasant feelings of facing the depths of your fears. Until you shine a light on them and discover a deeper level of unconditional love. This is where you find the freedom of unconditional love within.


With love and light


Lisa Pavlic 🤍

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