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August 2022

It all starts with a whisper to keep trusting in your inner knowing, even if you don’t know what’s ahead. The closest example would be free falling into the unknown and having faith in this newfound ability to trust in one’s own self. It’s not the most comfortable position to be in, but this experience has blessed me with so much guidance and fulfilment within my self-identity. The feeling of freedom… it’s not something I have second guessed before now. It’s just a deeper awareness of the concept of freedom. For me, freedom means establishing a deeper understanding of why I’m here on Earth. Why did I choose to be on Earth currently? My answer steers back to all my senses to see, feel, hear and breathe in what the environment is presenting with a higher perspective, so I can still acknowledge what is being portrayed in front of my eyes but also know that this is not holding me hostage either.

When these encounters occur, I have noticed that my heart slowly closes ever so slightly, which keeps me stagnant, but the blessing presented is an awareness of this old habit, which I hold with gratitude. It’s how you ride through the storm that will give you the blessing of your higher perspectives and help you navigate your inner journey. This newfound connection has a complexity attached to it by going through moment by moment, very quickly, as time passes. This has a greater depth and responsibility to it, which has brought up a more evolved, matured way of being. I’m now more aware of the subtle message that was formulating around the surface of my reality. I realised I was still attached to things and objects that had no value to me anymore, but I still found it hard to let them go. I also saw the light in a lot of my shadow work, the depth of which I really wasn’t aware of until now. This light taught me not to get entangled but just to observe and acknowledge what is being displayed. Not to get attached to a shadow aspect of ourselves but to observe and see the message that shadow is trying to show us… This has become an empowering process for me, and I am seeing changes occurring rapidly when I’m in this mindset. But I’m noticing that I have not yet mastered the balance aspect, so I’m still finding my feet with this new way of being, which can take its toll physically and emotionally. My daily practices have kept me aware of this process, and some days things are glorious, and other days painful past encounters are coming up to be released, which is a process, and I’m starting to really move with the flow of things. That’s how powerful it is when you invest time and energy in yourself. You start to navigate your own life journey and live the way you want to, because at the end of the day, you’re the only one who can navigate happiness, fulfilment and enjoyment in your life, and that in itself is establishing self-mastery. Love and light Lisa xx

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