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It is the beginning of a new, improved version of yourself; you are leaving behind the outdated disconnection to self and moving forward with a heart-centred approach. It is now really becoming more noticeable, and it feels so refreshing to see how far you have come. It is like the lightning bolt that has turned on ever so slowly but has an impact ever so powerfully. The surface that was covered in dense heaviness has started to lift, and the sun is shining ever so brightly. Even if you try to look away, that sun is piercing through so radiantly that you will find yourself questioning what has been before your eyes. This is being displayed to help integrate what is really important with you and your life.

Where do your values lie?

What old habits are you catching yourself within the moment?

What new pathways have you discovered?

Where are you focusing your time and energy?

I know I am coming into my own; I am now understanding that the concept of bringing my past into my future is something to embrace, as it stems from my true origin and brings empowerment into the future. I am taking no moments for granted, with each day bringing love and enjoyment into my reality.

What I am realising is that when you do take that much-needed time for yourself, the discovery of yourself starts to unfold in front of your eyes. You start to be the captain of your own boat. You stand up for what you believe in regard to what others might say because you are here on earth for a reason.

That reason is to learn and grow in your life experiences. What is right for one can be wrong for another. We are not here on earth to be the same, to set precedent and standards on people to see if they are worthy of success.

We are here to heal ourselves and then heal others. Yet, we are not learning this in our education system. We might learn an aspect, but we are only touching the surface and not really getting to the root of the meaning.

Our children are so focused on achieving higher academics, as this is the system that is encouraged. Yes, education is important, but it’s just one aspect of our life journey. If you can spend time learning more about yourself, then you will see every aspect of your life have an overwhelming improvement as you have built a self-known relationship with yourself.

This means that you don’t become afraid of speaking your truth and having a deeper understanding to express how you learn best. When you can discover these important aspects of your life, then you will flourish in whatever you choose to do, regardless of your academic ability.

We are so lost in a world where we don’t know who we are, because we are taught at a very young age that our learning needs should fit in a one-size-fits-all box. But in reality, education needs to be built on learning aspects of ourselves and learning how to identify these aspects in the moment as we live and experience our life journey.

Love and Light,

Lisa Pavlic x

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