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There’s an old proverb, "the best things in life are free"; but are we defining the message correctly? We should say, "the most valuable things don't cost any money". Family and friends – those are free and are, in the end, worth more than anything money could buy.

Being free doesn't mean it's been handed to you; I'm a true believer that the more time spent nurturing those free things, the more the universe will give back. I think we get so caught up in everyday life responsibilities that we forget to enjoy our life; hence, we struggle to find its true value. It's as though it feels foreign to feel the true blessings of enjoyment.

My husband and I are raising our boys to really understand the purpose of life, to never take it for granted, to enjoy the journey, and to live, present, in the moment. We are raising them to be more conscious, secure and empowering towards one another in a world that's in desperate need of strong, spiritually grounded leaders for the future.

I have always wanted to travel around Australia with my family, but I always found roadblocks that diverted me from the idea. I believe these roadblocks stemmed from old conditioning regarding money, time and commitments. Instead, I have decided to fully immerse myself in the moment and trust in the universe.

When you take the opportunity to experience life to its full potential, you will see the flow-on effects with endless opportunities appearing in front of your eyes...

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