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It’s time to observe and reflect. It’s time to think about all the new information we are being shown over and over again in different ways and concepts. Considering a new way of living that puts you and your family first will see you hold your integrity in a way where you will be confident enough to express who you are and where you have come from. This holds the key to your heart: when you are in a position to own who you are without feeling shame, embarrassment or awkwardness and really own your journey, you really feel empowerment overtaking you.

As I’m sitting by the poolside next to my husband and watching the boys play together, I’m feeling so peaceful and content. This trip around Australia has opened my eyes to new things, and every encounter holds a sacred space within my heart with an opportunity for growth. This excites me as it holds a place in my future which I’m ready to embrace. When you’re at a time in your life when you’re evolving and changing, it’s so easy to be in defence mode; this takes up a lot of energy and, let’s face it, your energy is so important to you, so why would you want to waste it? I think in any situation that arises, if you can look at how it’s affected you, then maybe you might think again about how to approach it. Our energy is our superpower, and if you can perceive energy in this way, then you will have a clear understanding of how it can affect you and how you dispense it onto others. This is so important right now. It also gives you a better understanding of how to move forward with an open heart so that you’re very connected to the power that lies within you. By moving forward with an open heart, you’re more connected to your inner power, and that’s a magical place to be.


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