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The Perspective

It’s the journey that brings us joy, excitement and an overwhelming feeling of contentment. It brings out your inner strength and courage; it allows you to see yourself as a spiritual beam having a human experience on Earth, knowing we are all here on this planet for a purpose. So instead of just looking at the surface of the people we pass by, we begin to realise that we are all the same. We might look different, we might have different personalities, we might be going through different challenges in life, and we might have a different upbringing, but if we can see past our initial assessment of someone, we can see that they too are a living beam of light, living a human experience.

When we can view everyone in this way, it puts things in perspective. We stop putting people into categories, we stop passing judgement on others, we stop being drawn into unnecessary drama and politics, and we stop doing all the things we have automatically done in past centuries. It allows us to focus on what’s really important in our life, what we want to strive for and what we want to see changed in our environment. We start standing up for ourselves and uplifting others who are struggling. We have a lot of work to do on this planet, but we can't move forward by using outdated methods; we need to push through the old systems so we can create new pathways of inclusion. We need to start searching deeper within ourselves so we can continue to change for the better.

The changes that are occurring right now in 2020 are highlighting the importance of our Earth environment. The impact of humans is being shown across the globe, and it’s teaching us that our natural habitat needs work. It shows us that we need to start tapping into our heart and seeing things from a soul perspective. That is where we are right now.

We will still be confronted by situations where we will have an opportunity to speak from the heart. That’s why we need to be forced into these positions: to recognise what old habits we have automatically continued without even realising. This journey brings us great joy in the process. If you can look at these occurrences from a mindset of releasing old habits, making new pathways and speaking from your soul, you will start to see your inner self emerge and grow. It breaks down your old ways of thinking and gives you a clear perspective for how you want to make a change for the better.

Remember that this is a journey of discovering yourself, and how you learn best is by connecting with your soul; that’s the greatest skill to possess.

My experience over the last few years has taught me so much about myself; it’s given me strength when I was weak, courage when I was vulnerable, and direction when I needed it the most. It’s taught me patience when I wanted to move quickly, and when the feeling of uncertainty arose, it has taught me to realign my energy flow to get back on track. I have a continued appreciation for how far I’ve come.

At times, this has been hard to sustain, but it has had an overwhelming impact on my time on this beautiful planet.

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